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MediaPrints™ – Accurate and complete 
cable system information on your desktop.

Bring digital maps of more than 10,000 cable systems directly to your PC using MediaPrints, the nation’s premier source of U.S. cable system boundaries and data.

Designed for use with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, like MapInfo or ArcView, MediaPrints is a powerful suite of products unequaled for visualizing cable TV coverage.
Developed by Budco in conjunction with Warren Communications News, MediaPrints features data from the industry standard Television & Cable Factbook, and includes Digital Service Areas, High Speed Internet Access areas, with Cable Overbuilds and Wireless systems represented as separate mapping layers.

is up to date, with data releases each quarter.

In addition to Digital Boundaries, supporting cable system data 
can also be provided. To learn more about our data products, 
click here

Use MediaPrints to:

Identify precise boundaries for any U.S. cable system, MSOs,  digital service areas, high-speed Internet access areas, cable system overbuilds, and wireless cable systems for competitive analysis.

Create maps showing the actual service areas of any individual cable system or combination of cable systems, or produce maps to assist affiliate sales and ad sales activities.

Access business profiles for all U.S. cable systems featuring data from the industry standard Television and Cable Factbook database generated by Warren Communications News.

Enhance marketing decision support processes or improve marketing databases and business applications by joining Census Block Group and Zip Code files with customer or prospect data.

Perform comprehensive market analysis using standard mapping software by overlaying MediaPrints coverage boundaries with geo-coded third-party demographics, buying trends, SIC codes, business locations.

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